Safeguard your budget and your IT investments

Years of economic volatility have trained businesses of all types and sizes to keep a close watch on containing costs and improving efficiencies. IT professionals at small and medium-sized businesses know that compared to larger enterprises, for them keeping a sharp focus on the bottom line is even more critical, often making the difference between keeping employees on the job or even keeping the doors open.

Merritt Microsystems can help.

Providing resellers and their SMB users with a reliable alternative to OEM since 2010, Merritt Microsystems helps businesses cost-effectively update their network infrastructure and support technology acquisitions with guaranteed compatible upgrade solutions. From transceivers and fiber optic cables to batteries, memory or flash for user devices, Merritt Microsystems delivers the upgrades small and medium sized businesses need at a significant savings over the cost of OEM equivalents.

Leverage the Merritt Microsystems advantage to:

    • Reduce overall TCO for technology expansion related to networking build-out, BYOD, cloud computing and other tech initiatives
    • Update your network infrastructure with OEM-specific transceivers and fiber optic cables
    • Equip user devices with added memory and power accessories
    • Increase and improve resources with mobile, desktop, server and enterprise storage solutions
    • Easily identify correct compatible upgrades with system-specific part numbers
    • Enjoy peace of mind with industry leading product warranties – including a lifetime product replacement guarantee on memory, transceivers and cables.
    • Easily access lifetime product support with unmatched levels of pre- and post-sale customer service and fee-free technical support
    • Further support your bottom line, as well as the environment, with our unique Trade-in, Trade-up program