About Us


Who We Are

We have been in business since 2010 and for the last decade we’ve been helping educational institutions in Ontario increase their computing power while cutting budgets and offering superior service.

With Merritt Microsystems, you gain access to the full computer market. Instead of just buying brand new computer equipment, we give you the option of buying:

  • The same brand new computers you’ve been buying, at lower prices.
  • Factory refurbished versions of those same computers at roughly half the price of brand new.
  • Merritt Microsystems Certified versions of those same computers, at roughly a third of the price of brand new./li>

Our Business Philosophy

We believe it is essential nowadays to have access to technology in order to maximize the success of your company. We know that you have unique challenges and by focusing on meeting them we’ve gained loyal customers. We’re the good guys. We provide what we promise, we give excellent service and most importantly we give you a real partner relationship in the industry.

The Merritt Microsystems Advantage

We’ve worked with thousands of organizations across Canada and have created processes built for speed and quality. In addition to our transparent policies we also offer custom imaging, logistic help and more to help to you save precious time ordering and maintaining your computers.